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    December Meeting - HR Engaged..."A New Way of Work" - A Deeper Dive

    Date: December 11, 2019, 7:30am
    Augusta Civic Center
    Augusta, ME
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    Presented by: Kelly Samson-Rickert, Ed.D, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

    This program will address three pillars with a lot of interactive, fun learning to get you thinking about your role as an HR leader and business partner:

    1. The  future of HR with trends and issues of the workplace and how HR professionals can be a part of leading change, to include the digital workforce – AI (artificial intelligence) telehealth data security– how it fits in everyday life and the workforce such as invoicing for healthcare, HIPPA, HITECH, etc. We will also explore how new technologies impact HR as we lead to manage these changes and create positive work cultures, and the social and economic issues beyond four walls.

    2. Legislation - Dr. Samson-Rickert will use SHRM’s material for common sense HR basics and a Q&A overview of Legislation, will address HR/workplace laws in the pipeline and why your voice matters in the political arena when decisions are being made.

    3. Overview with women and equity laws -   We will explore how far women have come in the workforce with equity laws in the last 100 years, and where we are today and how we can all help each other.

    A mix of social, economic, and ethical issues and trends is included in the presentation about areas that HR business partners need to understand.

    Speaker Bio:

    Kelly Samson-Rickert, Ed.D, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, is a Workforce Organizational Leader and HR professional with more than 20 years of experience in senior leader roles in Workforce-HR strategies concerning diverse fields such business with a Fortune 100 global company, K-12 and higher education, healthcare professions, technology and public service. 

    She specializes in workforce development, HR, talent management, employee relations, leadership, performance management, policy development, benefits and comp, and “creative” research to recruit and retain talent.  She is abreast of employment laws and legislative changes for alignment with business and federal/state compliance.  She is an adjunct professor, public speaker, an author and enjoys helping groups enhance their understanding of human working relationships and specifically how to incorporate inclusion for all the generations in the workplace.  Kelly presents at national and state conferences on a broad range of subjects including: digital workforce – new technologies – AI, AR and IoT in HR; organizational development; leadership; human behavior; managing change; creating positive work cultures; and social and economic issues that impact our globe.  She specializes in research about the increasingly abundant use of technology and the complexity of change as society shifts to navigate making sense of these changes at work and in our daily lives.  With these changes comes political, ethical, biases; economic and social impact, and a host of life cycle changes with integration of processes essential to harvest and harness knowledge to meet a diverse range of learner readiness.  She is a proud native of Maine, holds a doctoral degree in education and organizational leadership, certifications SPHR, SHRM-SCP, and is a volunteer and policy advisor on several boards.  Kelly aims to giving back to society in a meaningful way – and believes that small things matter; every positive interaction leads to another; and that all things connect in some way.

    Thank you to our Meeting Sponsor:  New Dimensions Federal Credit Union