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    What is KVHRA?

    The Kennebec Valley Human Resources Association (KVHRA) is Kennebec Valley’s local organization for human resource professionals and other professionals concerned with knowing and using the best methods to manage their people and organization effectively.

    Our Mission: To advance the human resources profession by providing opportunities for human resources practitioners to gain knowledge in the field and to exchange experience through networking with other professionals and organizations.

    As a member of KVHRA, a SHRM affiliated chapter, you will develop a network that will help you in many ways:

    • Access to a network of professionals and specialists for the exchange of ideas among all of its SHRM members and with other statewide team members.
    • Enhances the career and professional development of individual members.
    • Provides a medium for sharing information on current human resources management trends and techniques as well as national and local employment and labor law.
    • Offers representation for employers in the Greater Kennebec Valley area through political and legislative advocacy. 

    Society for Human Resource Management Membership.

    Please click the following link to visit the  SHRM Membership Center.

    Click here for KVHRA Membership Application.