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    KHVRA September Meeting

    Date: September 12, 2012, 7:30am – 9:30am
    T&B Celebrations Center - Waterville, Maine
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    The Baby Boomers Have Sneezed Again – Considerations for your Aging Workforce

    Presented by Liz Ashe, Springboards for Growth

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    There once was a saying, “when the baby boomers sneeze America buys Kleenex.”  The baby boomers (age 47-65) have had a profound effect on public policy and society as a whole and now they have sneezed again. Many are still working and want to keep working after retirement age.  This demographic shift poses many challenges for HR professionals.  Join Liz as she discusses key challenges for HR professionals in dealing with age-old, negative stereotypes and myths about the older generations and how to focus on the value added benefits this generation brings such as a critical knowledge-based and experienced talent pool that can serve as mentors to younger workers, a group that has good work ethics and values, and lower turnover rates and less absenteeism.  Liz will discuss how employers can rethink work design, duties, environments, training and more to take advantage of this trend.